Accurate wind energy resource assessment is a critical factor in developing successful wind projects. To facilitate discussion and address issues in resource assessment, AWEA maintains the Wind Resource Assessment Working Group.

The general scope of activities of the AWEA Wind Resource Assessment Working Group is as follows:

  1. To provide a central forum to discuss current U.S. specific and international wind resource assessment initiatives, standards, research and best practices for AWEA members with interest in wind resource assessment and project energy assessments.
  2. To work with AWEA staff on the development of wind resource assessment related materials to the benefit of the AWEA wind resource assessment seminar, AWEA membership and wind energy industry at large.
  3. To work and collaborate with other professional organizations, research institutions, government entities and private sector companies for sole purpose of improving the accuracy and reducing the uncertainty of wind resource and project energy assessments.

The intent of this group is not to set any specific guidelines or best practices for wind resource assessment.  Rather, the working group will be a forum for information sharing and material development relevant to the topic of wind resource assessment for commercial utility scale wind energy development. 

Working Group Resources

To join the AWEA Resource Assessment Working Group, contact Wade Barton at