Public Comment

ANSI procedures require that a draft standard be available for public review so that all materially affected parties have an opportunity to provide comments. When drafts are ready for public review and comment they will be posted here on this page. Contact with questions.

DRAFT -  AWEA 5000-2 Wind Technician Entry Level Standard
45-Day Comment Period
Comment Deadline: December 14, 2020
The purpose of this standard is to establish minimum knowledge and competencies for an individual with no work experience as a wind technician across all platforms upon completion of an entry level wind technician educational program (program). Click here to download the draft document. Click here to download the public comment form. Comments must be submitted using this form. Email comments to

Closed Public Comment Documents:
DRAFT - AWEA 61400-26-1 (20XX) Availability for wind energy generation systems
Identical adoption of IEC 61400-26-1:2019
45-Day Comment Period
Comment Deadline: August 10, 2020
IEC 61400-26-1:2019 defines an information model from which time-based, and production-based availability indicators for services can be derived and reported. Questions contact

DRAFT - AWEA 5000-1 AWEA Wind Workforce Definitions 2020
45-Day Comment Period
Comment Deadline: August 10, 2020
This standard provides definitions related to specific acronyms and terms contained in the Wind Technician Entry-Level Training standards. Questions contact

DRAFT - AWEA SWT-1 (202X) AWEA Small Wind Turbine Standard
45-Day Comment Period
Comment Deadline: October 5, 2020
This standard provides a method for evaluation of wind turbine systems in terms of safety, reliability, power performance, and acoustic characteristics. This standard for small wind turbines is derived from existing international wind turbine standards developed under the auspices of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Questions contact