AWEA State RPS Market Assessment 2017 cover

Across the United States, 29 states and the District of Columbia have implemented renewable portfolio standards (RPS). These require utilities serving customers in each state to supply a specified portion of their electricity from renewable resources by a certain year. 

The AWEA State RPS Market Assessment 2017 estimates near-term demand for wind and other renewables from these state RPS programs, accounting for compliance to date. The report looks out to the year 2025, when the majority of RPS requirements must be met in full, to determine the amount of additional renewable energy needed to fulfill RPS requirements. For states with RPS targets beyond 2025, the report includes state-specific projections through the final RPS target year.

Wind energy has historically been the renewable technology of choice to meet RPS requirements. Given the success of RPS programs in driving significant wind energy development, this report takes a detailed look at RPS requirements to assess the incremental RPS need or "demand" that wind is eligible to meet, as well as the RPS demand that wind is expected to capture going forward.

In the 2017 AWEA State RPS Market Assessment, readers will learn more about:

  • Characteristics of RPS programs in each state
  • Recent RPS policy activity
  • Wind-eligible and expected wind RPS demand
  • Nationwide RPS demand
  • Regional RPS demand
  • State by state RPS demand

Executive Summary

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