AWEA State RPS Market Assessment 2015

The AWEA State RPS Market Assessment 2015 looks out to the year 2025, when most RPS requirements must be met in full, to determine the amount of incremental renewable energy demand that RPS programs will drive.

RPS policies provided much of the original growth for renewable energy in the United States, jump-starting the industry to develop new clean energy projects. Today, these markets are more robust and balanced, with demand coming from new sources such as corporate buyers and regional economic forces. RPS remain a significant source of demand, serve as a building block for renewable energy markets and provide a window into possible compliance options for the upcoming Clean Power Plan issued by the EPA this summer.

AWEA’s RPS report provides several key insights:

  • Outline of each state policy structure
  • Noteworthy policy changes over the past two years
  • Description of each state’s RPS policies
  • Projection of annual demand driven by RPS policies on a state-by-state basis
  • Key demand factors in each state

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