Wind Powers America Amended Annual Report 2019

The U.S. wind industry success story powered forward to reach new heights in 2019. The rapid expansion of wind power in America is delivering economic growth, more jobs, rural economic benefits, clean energy, and a diverse power mix.

This amended annual report showcases the U.S. wind industry powering more U.S. families and businesses than ever before and employing a record 120,000 men and women across all 50 states. The industry is at the center of a transformational change in the country’s electricity sector—a change bringing consumers afforable, clean, and reliability energy.

AWEA’s Wind Powers American Amended Annual Report 2019 builds on the original with analysis of PPA pricing, project costs, global supply chains, and transmission build-out. It also describes how wind has become a key contributor to America’s electricity mix, and continues to push new frontiers. It includes an in-depth look at the key industry and market trends shaping the sector alongside a summary of the economic and environmental benefits the industry is creating. It is the authoritative source of U.S. Industry data and information.

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