AWEA provides key market statistics throguh regular quarterly and annual market reports.

Market Report ThumbnailAWEA releases U.S. Wind Industry Quarterly Market Reports each quarter to provide a snapshot view of U.S. wind industry activity, including new wind projects, wind capacity installed, wind projects under constructions, and power purchase agreements.  Wind project details in the quarterly report include project owner, turbine manufacturer, project size, and power purchaser.

AWEA also releases an AWEA U.S Wind Industry Annual Market Report each year, providing a comprehensive look at the U.S. wind energy industry, including wind projects, wind turbine and component manufacturing, market rankings and key industry players, market trends, and impact of the U.S. wind energy industry. The 2014 AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report will be published in early 2015.

Download the following 2014 AWEA U.S. Wind Industry Market Reports