State Fact Sheets
Learn the top wind energy facts about each state by using the interactive map or downloading a state-specific PDF. 

Wind Turbines and Shadow Flicker: Facts and Proven Mitigation Strategies
Learn more about shadow flicker and the ways that proper siting can help mitigate its impact.

Maintaining safety while minimizing visual impacts: Wind turbines and lighting
Learn more about the steps that the wind industry has taken to reduce the visual impact of turbine lights on communities while still ensuring aviation safety. 

Wind Project Decommissioning: Industry Management Practices
Learn about wind industry recommendations for key provisions of decommissioning plans or rules-- the plans that cover what happens to a wind project when it reaches the end of its useful life. 

Wind Builds the Future in Host Communities
Local officials explain how hosting wind projects is helping their communities bridge budget shortfalls and invest in the future.

Community leaders express support for wind
Local leaders explain why wind has helped strengthen their communities.

Offshore Wind Energy
U.S. offshore wind is taking shape in waters off the coast across the country. Learn more about the abundant potential of this new ocean energy resource.

Wind Turbine End-of-Life Strategies
When a wind turbine reaches the end of its 20 to 30-year lifespan, most of its material, like steel, has substantial salvage value and is recyclable. Other components, like the blades, require different strategies. 

Radar and Airspace Fact Sheet
Wind farms can and do co-exist with military facilities, while promoting our energy independence, national security and military operations. 

Wind Energy and Sound Fact Sheet
Wind turbine noise may be one of the most easily misunderstood issues related to wind energy projects.

Transmission Fact Sheet
Power lines move electrons from where they are generated to where they are used. Our grid needs attention to keep reliably delivering electricity.

Wildlife Fact Sheet
Researchers routinely find that wind energy has one of the lowest impacts on wildlife and their habitats of any utility-scale power source. 

Wind Energy & Tariffs
Recent tariffs levied by the Trump administration will have a harmful effect on the U.S. wind industry. 

Wind Energy Tariffs & Job Impacts
Learn more about how potential tariffs from the administration could impact American jobs.

Federal Tax Policy
Tax policy can be an important driver that prompts private investment, benefits the U.S. economy and creates new jobs.

PTC Success in Texas
The Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an incentive that helped wind developers access the capital needed to build new wind projects. This incentive is phasing out. 

A Clean Energy Vision
A 2021 clean energy check list for wind and solar.