The U.S. wind industry is made up of manufacturers, construction workers, project owners, developers, engineers, educators and businesspeople.  As our nation’s use of wind energy continues to grow, ensuring the development and retention of qualified workers is crucial.

How AWEA supports the wind energy workforce

AWEA strives to facilitate investments in the wind workforce, including:

  • Investing in programs to cultivate skills specific to the wind industry;
  • Establishing programs to administer proper industry training;
  • Developing continuing education opportunities for industry workers and;
  • Implementing wind energy education in classrooms for students of all ages.

AWEA is committed to the development of wind workers across all levels of the industry’s workforce. Workforce development also includes placing wind industry professionals in the right jobs and connecting wind energy companies with employees that are in line with their needs. This investment in the workforce is integral to the sustained growth and continued success of the U.S. wind industry.

Standard Occupational Classification Codes for wind energy professionals

As part of its commitment to workforce development, AWEA has applied for and received standard occupational classification (SOC) codes for Wind Energy Technicians, Wind Tunnel Technicians, Wind Turbine Erectors, Wind Turbine Mechanics, and Wind Turbine Service Technicians (two codes). 

AWEA has also helped obtain a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the wind industry to assist in the collection of industry workforce information, including injury and illness rates, wage determination and other statistical figures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) assigned NAICS code 221115 for wind electric power generation. BLS will need to collect four-year’s worth of data prior to release of any information, which will be 2016.

As a dynamic, rapidly evolving industry, wind energy calls upon talented individuals with a wide range of skillsets. The goal of workforce development is to increase the effectiveness of both the workforce as whole and the individual worker.

Get involved: Join the AWEA Workforce Development Committee

The AWEA Board of Directors, in an effort to promote workforce development for the industry, created the Workforce Development, Training and Education Committee. There is a growing need for workforce training and education needs through the development of training programs and standard education and training requirements. Through this committee, AWEA will be able to formulate policies and work cooperatively with various government agencies on workforce development initiatives and polices that impact the wind industry.  

This committee will encompass various issues, such as:

  • Developing training initiatives and
  • Influencing workforce development policy.

The committee will accomplish these goals by working with AWEA Workforce Development Subcommittee and working groups as needed.

All AWEA members in good standing are welcome to join the AWEA Workforce Development, Training, and Education Committee and its subcommittees.  For more information, please email: Email the AWEA Membership Department to get involved.