Implementing quality practices helps companies minimize risk, maximize value, and empower employees to take ownership. The quality of processes across business lines ensures confidence and operational excellence. Whether focusing on construction, operations, or safety, AWEA provides support with a platform of targeted guidelines aimed at providing steps needed to achieve operational excellence. AWEA's Quality Assurance Guidelines document, created by the Quality Assurance Networking Group, provides guidelines on what a quality assurance program should entail. Utilize this document to help develop or improve a quality program for wind generation. A quality program preserves your asset value, reduces operating cost, reduces your safety risk, and assures compliance to expectations.


Quality Assurance Networking Group
AWEA members can join this group and support the wind energy industry on quality and operational excellence. The AWEA Quality Assurance Networking Group provides an opportunity for members to share lessons learned and serves as a network for information sharing on key policy, business, and technical issues, and developments impacting quality assurance programs. If you are interested in joining the Quality Assurance Networking Group, please email AWEA staff liaison Sabrina Morelli at

Quality Assurance Resources

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Defining Quality in an O&M Context

The whitepaper Defining Quality in an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Context focuses on the structure, processes, programs, and controls used by successful companies within the wind industry. The purpose of these systems is aimed to maximize fleet performance and to minimize risk through the implementation of an effective quality program.

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Evaluating Your O&M Provider's Quality Program

This paper attempts to define the primary elements of a good QMS as well as give practical guidelines for the decision makers who are involved with choosing a new service provider, or evaluating an existing one for an additional project or to extend their service agreement.

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Quality Assurance-Lean in an Operational Environment

Lean in an Operational Environment provides key insights on lean implementation at operational wind projects. Wind site managers and operators can use lean concepts to reduce labor, materials, and cycle time during the operations phase – ultimately improving customer satisfaction and business performance in multiple areas such as safety, quality, cost, and on time delivery. Learn about the the history of lean, why it is critical for quality programs, and the most effective lean concepts being deployed today.

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The Role of the Owner in Quality Assurance and Control

The Role of the Owner in Quality Assurance and Control focuses on how owners and operators can maximize long-term value of a wind project through the execution and management of a quality program. Whether the quality program is administered through a turbine manufacturer, a service provider, or otherwise, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the quality program is executed successfully.


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White Paper-Quality during Wind Project Construction

Quality assurance is critical to the construction phase of a wind project. Executing quality practices at the beginning of a wind farm’s lifecycle ensure the longevity and reliability of assets, maximizing the return on business investment. “Quality during Wind Project Construction” includes four separate sample documents that together provide a template for quality assurance and control during the construction phase of a wind site including:

• Quality Assurance / Quality Plan
• Form of Job Books
• Inspections and Test Plan
• Quality Control Procedure