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AWEA’s safety campaign “Stand Tall” focuses on sprains and strains working in the nacelle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most-common non-fatal workplace injuries in 2019 were sprains, strains, and tears (approximately 35 incidents per 10,000 full-time workers). AWEA’s safety data shows the top injuries in the wind turbine generator (WTG) are sprains and strains from handling, lifting or carrying.

Soft tissue injuries-- sprains and strains-- may be sudden (acute) or long-standing (chronic). The symptoms of a sprain or strain may include pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced efficiency of function. Our campaign materials provide an overview of sprains and strains, symptoms, and ways to prevent injury. The campaign also addresses the ways dynamic stretching can support working in the nacelle. Click here to view the dynamic stretching video.

On-Demand Webinar


On this webinar Adam Simoes, Workplace Services Director, Occupational Therapist, County Physical Therapy, LLC discusses the importance of dynamic stretching providing details on the benefits for you and your team. The webinar also provides an overview of sprains and strains, symptoms, and ways to prevent injury. Click here to watch the webinar.

Additional Campaign Materials - Click here to download campaign materials.

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Campaign Stickers

Email safety@awea.org to order stickers for your team. Stickers are free. Shipping is free.

Campaign Videos

Click here to view the video. Click here to view the video.

Ways You Can Participate

Here are ways you can utilize the campaign materials and support the safety campaign:

  • Watch the webinar with your team.
  • Download the materials and share on your company intranet.
  • Use the materials in your training and safety meetings.
  • Print the posters and display in common areas.
  • Share the stickers with your team.

Questions? Email safety@awea.org.

Previous safety campaign materials are available online at www.awea.org/safetycampaigns

A special thank you to the members of the AWEA Safety Campaign Working Group for designing and contributing to this campaign.