The U.S. wind industry strongly values the wind energy workforce—our success hinges on their success. Because of our workforce commitment, safety and health training and awareness are core values at AWEA.

Our Environmental, Health, and Safety Subcommittee safety awareness campaigns are at the forefront of AWEA’s priorities. Every October is safety month, focusing on key areas to help keep your employees healthy and safe.

AWEA 2020 Safety Awareness Campaign

October AWEA launches its annual Safety Awareness Campaign. This year we focus on prevention of sprains and strains while working in the nacelle. For more information, contact

Past Campaigns:

 2015 Stop the Drop 2016 Arrive Alive  2017 Take Time to Take Care 2018 Stop the Shock
Prevention of dropped objects safety awareness campaign. Driving and vehicle safety awareness campaign. Soft tissue injury prevention campaign. Electrical safety campaign.
2019 Take a Hand in Safety
Hand safety awareness campaign.

A special thank you to the members of the AWEA Safety Campaign Working Group for designing and contributing to AWEA's safety campaigns.