AWEA brings together leaders and learners in forums specifically designed to provide insight into the exciting and vibrant wind energy industry. Attendees want to hear from experts and thought leaders who have innovative and disruptive ideas to share.

Industry experts work with AWEA on program development committees to create timely and valuable education content. AWEA receives a large number of proposals to speak. For our larger conferences we have an organized vetting process that starts with the solicitation of speaking proposals, referred to as a Call for Proposals.   

Below are the months we solicit for speaking proposals for each event. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive notifications for a particular event or you would like to submit for an event without an official call for proposals process, please email

Call for Speaking Proposals Launch Schedule:

Check the specific conference website to find the call for proposals submission portal.

  • AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference - August - September - OPEN for late submissions for 2021 
  • AWEA CLEANPOWER Conference and Exhibition - September - October. OPEN  for 2021
  • AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference - September. 
  • AWEA Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference - March 
  • AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference – April 
  • AWEA Clean Energy Executive Summit – no formal call for proposals
  • AWEA Regional Events – no formal call for proposals  

Conference programs are intended to educate and provide insights and tools to grow the wind industry and should not be used to sell products or services.  However, sponsorship, exhibits and sometimes sponsored speaking slots are available at conferences for these purposes.    Please send inquiries for those to


FAQ Answers

Do I have to be an AWEA member to speak at AWEA conferences?
We give strong preference to members for speaking slots, but it is not a requirement.   However, you must be a member to participate in the conference planning committees or to be a program chair.

How do I become a program chair or participate in a program committee?
AWEA selects program chairs based on several factors but the two primary being level of engagement with AWEA and its working committees and relevance of company or organization in the topic area for the particular conference.  Email to submit your interest.

What is a conference program chair and a session chair?
Conference chairs help drive the overall direction and theme of the program, help determine session topics, and in some cases a small program planning committee is involved.   AWEA staff generally confirms Conference Chairs 9 -13 months before the event.  Chairs are usually AWEA members who are actively involved with advancing the industry through AWEA’s committee work or in other ways.    Session chairs tend to be AWEA members who help develop content for topical sessions, suggest speakers, and they often serve as the moderator of the session during the conference as well.   

What are the different types of speaking opportunities?

  • Podium speaker/ Panelist – speaker presents alongside other presenters, either in discussion format or with a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Stand-Alone Presentation (sometimes sponsored opportunities exist) - Typically a 25 minute speaking slot with no other speakers in the same time frame

  • Poster Presentation – A visual display that represents a proposal and its conclusions.  In some cases there are assigned speaking opportunities with the poster or a networking reception around the posters where presenters are encouraged to attend to answer attendee questions. 

  • Webinar – an online learning opportunity as part of the content generated by AWEA staff and committees or as co-branded webinars utilizing sponsoring company content and speakers.

How are speakers selected?
For most events we have an official Call for Proposals.   Proposals are reviewed and selected by industry experts.  When proposals do not meet program needs we will invite speakers based off of program committee recommendations.  AWEA Members are preferred over non-members, and members involved in AWEA committees are preferred over less engaged members. Our proposal graders keep in mind the following standards:

  • Work must be relevant and of interest to conference attendees.

  • Work must be new or presents a new perspective on known material.

  • Proposal must be well organized and clearly describe its relevance to the industry.

  • Proposal must not contain marketing.

Is there a limitation on the number of proposals I may submit per event?
No, there is no limitation, but it’s important to maintain balance and diversity in the program so we limit how many times a person or a particular company can present.  If you’re speaking you can only speak once, but you can be a moderator or poster presenter at the same conference.    Poster presenters can present up to 2 posters.  In some cases, if a person has multiple proposals accepted we will consider substitution of a colleague to present the other proposal. 

Do speakers receive complimentary entry to events?
Speakers receive a significant discount on their registration. AWEA is a non-profit and this helps us cover some basic conference costs.   Revenue from AWEA events goes back to the wind industry through AWEA’s efforts to grow the U.S. wind industry and support wind professionals.

What should I do if I have an idea for a panel or webinar?
Contact with details on the idea and suggestions for speakers.

The Call for Proposals has closed. Can I still submit my proposal?
For inquiries, please contact

What content will I need to prepare for a proposal submission?
General Call for Proposal Requirements:

  • Proposal Title (90 Characters)

  • Presenter Information

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Title (100 Characters)

    • Biography (1000 Characters)

    • Email Address

    • Address

    • Phone Number

  • Abstract/Description (1000 Characters)

  • Learning Objectives (500 Characters)

  • Methodology (1000 Characters)

  • Accept Presenter Agreement & Copyright Release Terms

Each event will have more detailed requirements listed with the Call of Proposals launch.

What are some of the common reasons proposals don’t get selected?
Some reasons include:  heavy sales tone, insufficient information, member proposal preferred over a non-member proposal, submitted too late and no openings in the agenda to incorporate it, too niche of a topic, too broad or not technical enough.

How do I increase my odds of getting selected?

  • Become an AWEA member and if you’re already a member, participate in our committees.
  • Submit a proposal that fills gaps in mainstream discussion. New and innovative ideas that are useful to the industry will have a competitive edge.
  • ​Submit a complete proposal and submit it on time.