AWEA’s Wind Powers America Annual Report 2019 provides an in-depth look at the U.S. wind energy industry in 2019, including market rankings, state-by-state details, economic and environmental impacts, assessment of power offtake and wind capacity ownership, manufacturing and supply chain, project finance, offshore wind, transmission, and more.  

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2019 Top Facts Infographic 
AWEA Wind Powers America Annual Report 2019 Press Release 2019 Top Facts Infographic (AWEA)
2019 Executive Summary  [Free-Use Image] Wind Workers at Rolling Hills Wind farm, Iowa
[Free-Use Image] Block Island Offshore Wind Farm, Rhode Island (Deepwater Wind) [Free-Use Image] Manufacturing Facility, Colorado (Vestas)
[Free-Use Image] Wind farm in Texas.  [Free-Use Image] Wind turbines with pumpjack.
[Free-Use Image] Wind farm with barn. [Infographic] Annual Payments to Local Communities, 2019 (AWEA)
[Infographic] Congressional Districts with Wind Projects & Wind-Related Manufacturing Facilities, 2019 (AWEA) [Infographic] Direct Wind Jobs by State, 2019 (AWEA)
[Infographic] Top Wind Power Purchases by Companies, 2019 (AWEA) [Infographic] U.S. Wind Power Projects, 2019 (AWEA)
[Infographic] Wind Energy’s Share of Electricity Generation, 2019 (AWEA) [Infographic] Wind-Related Manufacturing Facilities, 2019 (AWEA)
[Free-Use Video] Wind Powers American Homes and Businesses (AWEA) [Free-Use Video] Innovation in Wind Technology Drives Growth (AWEA)
[Free-Use B-roll] Cows with turbines. [Free-Use B-roll] Turbine top to bottom.